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Evoluz is a premier translation/transcription service provider. With an extensive pool of workforce and 24/7 operations, we have the expertise and scalable capacity to meet your range of service needs. We focus on delivering unsurpassed quality, financial advantages and user-friendly technology to help improve your business … and your bottom line.

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Evoluz is a leading provider of certified translation services spanning over 80 languages worldwide. Our business motto is to provide accurate translation with the best competitive rates available and fast turnaround time. We sincerely value our client's brand image and truly understand that an inaccurate translated document can be brand damaging increasing their liability. For the same reason, we maintain two-tier translation system by our professional translators and proofreaders for quality output.

Our mission is to help our customers to communicate, and we are to do it in the best possible way. From the initial enquiry through to the finished service, our clients are liaised under a dedicated Project Manager with the greatest consideration and professionalism.


Medical Transcription: When your medical transcription reports are accurate, complete and delivered on time, it sparks a ripple effect to your bottom line. Evoluz's high accuracy and reliable turnaround times on transcription facilitate the medical reports and electronic health records of hospitals and clinics nationwide, backed with the security to protect patient privacy.

Legal Transcription: Working with attorneys, law firms, corporations and legal services organizations. Securely and confidentially.

Other Transcription Covered: Interviews, Business, Corporate, Conference, Meetings, NVivo, Verbatim, Digital Radio, Dramatic Productions, Disputes, Post Production Scripts, Radio Plays, Youtube Videos, Streaming Media, Broadcast, Academic Lecture, University Market Research, Conference, Dissertation, Podcast, Dissertation, Educational, Focus Group, Conference Call.

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At Evoluz, our only business is to improve the service efficiency that fuels your business. And that means constantly improving the performance of our workforce to keep quality standards high.

Why take unnecessary chances with your international image. Hire our corporate translation/transcription service and open up brand new avenues of risk-free communication with your target markets around the globe and close to home.

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