IT's YOUR FUEL TAX REBATE . . . let us file your claim !, calgary

IT's YOUR FUEL TAX REBATE . . . let us file your claim !

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Elite Business Services Ltd. Specializes in recovering your overpayment of taxes paid to the Alberta Government at the fuel pumps for road taxes, at a rate of 9 cents per liter for diesel / gas and 6.5 cents for propane that your company consumes off-road.

Off-Road is defined as any road that is not maintained by either the provincial or municipal government including time spent working, idling, loading,unloading . . .

As Fuel Tax Rebate Consultants we have filed hundreds of claims and recovered thousands of dollars on behalf of our clients.

According to the NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES and the introduction of the PROP program in 2006 Most companies have been issued a percentage rate that your industry qualifies under. Eliminating the need to have to keep track of your time spent off-road and providing consumption testing for example:

. . . If you haul Crude Oil, LPG, or Production Fluids you are entitled to a rate of 42 % of your fuel consumption - is considered off-road. Assuming you burn 5000 liters of fuel per month X 12 months X 42 % X the tax rate of 0.09 you would receive $ 2268 per year per unit. We can file for 3 years prior plus the current calendar year.

We only require some basic information about your business and its off-road operations in order to register your business under the appropriate program.

Whether you are currently filing for the Alberta Fuel Tax Rebate In House, Outsourced to another company or unaware of the program we strive to make the process of filing for your fuel tax rebate easy and efficient for you ensuring your money is returned to you as soon as possible.

Our NO RISK RECOVERY Program ensures that you do not pay for our services unless we recover a rebate on your behalf and our FLEET RATE is the lowest in the industry.

Call 1-877-542-1576 to discuss your Alberta Fuel Tax Rebate.

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