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**please read thru this ad carefully**

Hello there,

My Name is Cindy and Im 25, My roomies and I are seeking out the right home in Calgary. Let me first tell you about us..

We are 3 girls from 22-25 and 1 baby. We are planning on a perminent residence in calgary. We all plan on going to school for the next 2-3 years and are all very career oriented. We wish to build a healthy and thriving home for the baby and of course for any future children to enter our lives. We DO NOT smoke and we DO NOT party, we do however have pets, in this case 2 SMALL DOGS and 2 cats. Our pets ARE memebers of our lil family so we DO NOT plan on gettin rid of them.

Now I will tell you what we seek out to rent..

We are looking to arrive in calgary either april 1, may 1st, or june 1st depending on the availablity of the place we find.

-Rent Max 1500.00 ( also wouldnt mind rent to own either rite from the start or a year in)
-Would like a house or a duplex ( town homes are possible depending what it looks like)
-4 or more bedrooms
-2 or more bathrooms (we can survive with one)
-living room + a family room
-Fenced in back yard.
-garage if possible
-prefurably the south but we can negotiate.

We have no problems taking care of lawns, planting flowers in the summer and shoveling the snow in the winter etc. Again we want this to be as much of our home as we can. We do Have references with present landlord. If we sound like the tenants for you and you have the house for us, please email me at mailto:[email protected] . We plan on being up in Calgary for a visit January 8th and dont mind takin a look at anything you have to offer, also if you have pictures feel free to email them to me. Again we are very serious and are looking for a perminant stay. Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

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