PLEASE Help Me Im Wanting To Add FREE Boxer Puppy To Our Family!

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User: jennyjenn
Location: 37TH STREET S.W, Calgary [map]
Phone: 587-350-0431

Hi everyone im looking for a free purebred boxer puppy/dog to add to our family, you see my husbands dream dog is a purebred boxer and he has wanted one his whole life and my husband has done so much for me and has given me so much that I would love to be able to make his dream come true and give him the gift of a boxer. Sadly though we do not make much money and we have children so our funds are limited so we don't have the extra money to buy a purebred boxer, which is why I am asking all of you for your help. We can provide a safe, forever, loving home were your pup will get the care and attention he/she deserves. I am also a stay at home mom so your puppy/dog will never have to be left alone, caged or locked up and never be neglected, and it will have the companionship of my children aged 7 and 3 and from our other puppy Duke who is a boxer/Sheppard. I know our other dog would love a friend and a playmate, your puppy/dog will also be taken for daily walks and taken to the dog park twice a week and see a vet for regular check-ups and shots. So please everyone if you have a purebred boxer and your looking for a good home and a good family for him/her please consider me. I can be contacted by phone at 587-350-0431 or by email, I look forward to hearing from one of you!!
And thank you all for taking the time to read this add, I know the chances of finding a free purebred boxer is very rare and extremely slim but I thought I would try for my husbands sake as I want to give him his dream dog as a gift and see his face lit up!!

And I will not do overseas shipping for a puppy so please do not email and say you have a free puppy for me and all I have to do is pay shipping arrangements because I will not be involved in anything like that, thank you.

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