Stone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale, calgary
Stone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale thumb oneStone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale thumb twoStone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale thumb threeStone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale thumb four

Stone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale

Price: $890

calgary > For Sale > Furniture > Stone& Marble Fireplace Mantel $890-$1590/40-60% 2012 sale (#50050)
User: Mantel
Location: 29 silk ct., [map]
Phone: 4169379405

***Up To 60% Off***
Call Ray @ 416 937 9405
Monday to Friday
11 am - 4 pm
From 4 pm -8.00 pm by Appointment
Call : Ray @ 416 937 9405
Saturday & Sunday 11 am - 4pm

(Prices from $890 up to $1,590)
No Cheap GRC In our Products
we are not selling cement GRC Mantels
We made our Mantels from
Real Cast Marble & Stone
No GRC, NO Gypsum,No cement, No Concrete
No Fiberglass in our Mantels
Specialized in Cast Stone & Marble Fireplace Mantels
Pure Luxury cast mantels is the most dramatic & affordable way to increase
the value of your home and reflect your personal taste.
At affordable prices.
Cast Stone & Marble Fireplace Mantel
In C Limestone,
or White Marble &
Travertine Stone
Butterfly Canada Inc.
[email protected]
(Prices from $890 up to $1,590)
All In Stock Now
As Quantities Last

(after 40%- 60% discount)
Butterfly Shelf Style $1100 Now @ $490
Deco , $1,790 Now @ $890
Oxford $1,990 Now @ $890
Jordana $2,390 [email protected] $1,190
Milan$2,390 now @ $1,390
Castello $2,490 now @ $1,490
Roma $2,590 now @ $1,490
Niagara $2,590 now @ $1,490
King Louis $2,490 now @$1,490
Venice $2,390 now @ $1,490 Paris $2,590 now @ $1,490 King Lion $2,590 now @ $1,590 Hearth @$240
Panels Strat @ $30

All Mantel ,Photos, Drawing & Materials @
Butterfly Canada Inc.
Call 24/7 416 937 9405
20 Silk Ct.
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4A4
Material: In Cast Limestone
In Cast White marble With Marble Veins
In Cast travertine
(we are proud That Butterfly Canada the only company in the Market can do cast marble & cast travertine beside the cast limestone)********it is our own Technology********
Made of Real crushed Lime stone , Marble or Travertine Stone, No JRFC. No concrete, No cheap gypsum added
Our Mantels are waterproof don`t be of beware of water or other liquids
Easy to clean by water or other liquid Cleaners
In Stock: Yes . and ready to pick up or ship next day, Pick up is OK...
Weight: Skid with three packages plus packing staff approx. 480 lb
Shipping All Over Canada
All Mantels Are In stock Now
No Need to wait for your order
Canadian Buyers please send your Postal Code (city & province) to Quote shipping fee to your door All over
Canada & USA
Storage : Purchase it Now and store it in our warehouse up to 60 days (with no extra charges)
Drawings :Exact drawing will send upon your request (Also available ButterflyDeco
Mantel Parts: Mantels comes in 3 parts, Mantel Shelf (with Mantel Header) & 2 Mantel Legs(columns)
More Items: We Also supply OverMantels, Hearths, Fillers (Panels)
free Shipping & Packing for hearth or Panels (fillers) if will be order with The Mantel
Set Up: Designed for Easy Steps to install (any Handy Man can install...Save money
collect the 3 PCs of mantel together. 2 legs and shelf by bolts we supplied,
you will find 4 female brackets on the back of the mantel (2 on the shelf and two on legs)
mark these brackets on the wall and fix the four male brackets on the wall.
shift the mantel to the wall then left the mantel 2" up then slide down the mantel to the male brackets.
More instruction details and photos will send with the Mantel
Don`t hesitate to contact or email us
call Ray 24/7 ---- 416 937 9405
All our merchandise is brand new and first quality.
We List what we have in our warehouse and we ship next day

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