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Tips to Help You Swim Better

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Swimming is one of the best exercises to stay fit, improve stamina and enhance mental focus. Whether you’re an athlete preparing for competition or an individual who enjoys swimming for fitness, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few tricks and tips that you can include in your swimming sessions to become a better swimmer.

o Don’t Hold Your Breath: To overcome the feeling of out of breath, master the technique of exhaling out through your nose and mouth while your face is in the water.

o Relax, Relax, Relax: If you want to master the art of swimming, learn to relax your whole body and channel all the power moving your body forward.

o Kick from Your Hips: Give your hips some real workout by slapping the tops of your feet on the surface of water. If you feel tired and sore in your hip-flexor muscles, you’ve got it right.

o Wearing proper swim wears: At the time of swimming, wears energetic & active swimwear that gives you a positive energy and stamina.

All things take practice, so keep working hard till you hit your goal.

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