Use Single Pin 18w LED Tube for Brighter Ambience, calgary

Use Single Pin 18w LED Tube for Brighter Ambience

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With the coming New Year, we all exist to spend the holidays with our near and dears in a more colorful and delighted. Before getting involved in the mega get-togethers, make sure to install 8ft Single Pin Led Tube Light at your place to make the ambiance more graceful and appealing. Among many LEDs, you can choose an 8ft Single Pin 18w Led Tube Light that can be installed quickly due to its single-ended power.

There are many other benefits of using these lights in your homes this New Year and get your interiors noticed by your relatives.

● If you replace your existing lights with the 8ft Single Pin Led Tube Light, so apart from just posing an impression on your guests or relatives, you can save the energy consumption by almost 80-90%. On average, this single pin LED uses 18 watts of energy to produce 2400 lumens with a color temperature of 5000K that can make your interiors more appealing.

● You can use these 8ft Single Pin Led Tube Light for a period of at least 50,000 hours even if kept ON for 24 hours in a day. Also, the durable die-cast aluminum sink will prevent the tube from getting heated.

● The single powered 18w LED Tube is easy to operate and maintain, you just need to unscrew the ballast after cutting off the hot and neutral wires and the socket leads wires. After the ballast is unscrewed and removed, you have to connect the input wires to the output wires and make a direct connection and it’s done.

● Comes with a 30 days return policy and 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer's side.

Apart from the above benefits of 8ft Single Pin 18w Led Tube Light, there are many other advantages of using LED Tube Lights at your homes this New Year. So switch to these eco-friendly lights and do something different this time, in addition to celebrating the New Year with great pomp and joy.

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